Map:Watts Ride

After intensive testing with South LA residents and visitors alike, we are thrilled to announce our launch on April 15, 2012! Read our full press release

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Importantly, this is more than a map for riders — this is a tool for social change.  We are using this map as an argument for the future of South Los Angeles.  Yes, we say, it *is* possible to bike to the Watts Towers!  And more importantly, the route can connect to social justice, including organizers fighting for redevelopment, businesses that support social change, and how to take action.

This is proudly a print map.  We used digital tools, but insisted on “pairing with print” because the dual approach is (a) more practical for use on the streets; (b) reaches across the digital divide to people without a smartphone; (c) can be mass-delivered to local businesses, reaching more people and affecting more change. And because it can be unwieldy to use a letter-size map while you ride, it’s designed to be folded in various ways that fit how you use it.

The “making of” this map was unusual!  After scouting the route with bicycle clubs, our partners led more than 60 riders–both residents and visitors–to create an “asset map.”  They did this mapping using only basic cameraphones with our ParTour system.   Check out their testimonials!  One week later, many of the riders came back for the “analysis workshop” led by our professional designer.  (Thanks, Colleen!)  There we reviewed survey data, connected pictures into groups, and prioritized advocacy messages for South LA.  Finally, the print map was tested with community partners and organizers, printed, and distributed.

Jump right in:

  1. Download the print map — to view, for printing, and for distributing as much as you can! For background, read  how we made the map and our press release announcing the map. To join a group ride, see our schedule or signup to be notified of future rides and maps.
  2. While you ride, view stop-by-stop tips on your smartphone for food spots that support the community, social justice hotspots, and bike shops.
  3. Have an impact by taking action around your ride — from reporting potholes, to voting with your dollars, to fighting for community development.  Then go deeper by joining our partners’ campaigns.  We all have a role in the future of South LA.  What should we add?  Suggest a photo/business/organization!

Questions?  Contact us.


Posted February 23, 2012 by bstokes