Download the Watts Ride Map

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Spread this map to help change L.A.  You can print a stack for your biking families (or leave a stack at your local bike shop!).  More powerfully, you can give a copy to city officials, school principals — anyone in power — and tell them why this map “represents the future of South LA” to you personally.  Let us know how it goes, and get more ideas on our page for how you can take action to get involved.

(a) Download and print at home with our color version (PDF, 3mb); this is also designed to look good if you print on a black and white printer.


(b) Print in Bulk(!):  Can you think of an organization that could use 5,000 copies?  Or just 500?  Our designers have investigated some of the best printing options… and we might even be able to help cover your costs.  We want to make sure this map gets out there, so if you have ideas about who could use copies, please contact us.

Posted February 27, 2012 by bstokes