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Our process aims to be participatory, so your voice and ideas matter!  Do you have any of the following?

  1. Pictures and stories from your ride?  If you used our map, or helped make it, we would love to see your stories, videos and pictures.  One great way is to upload them to a photosharing site like Flickr and tag them with #RideSouthLA, and we will find them.  Use this tag for your Tweets too.
  2. Next Route to Map?  Have an idea for a route (and social issues) for our next map?  Send your ideas to us.  Hint: success depends on networking with community partners, so your proposals should indicate which organizations will support the ride, and ideally tell us the person you would recommend we contact at each organization.
  3. Resources for social justice along the way?  Know of a socially responsible businesses near one of our routes?  Or a place where community organizing and neighborhood storytelling happens along the way?
  4. Great maps that already exist?  These could be mental maps, social justice maps, hand-drawn mental maps, and more.  What should readers of this site know about?  What should we link to?

To let us know, either leave a comment on this page (see below — it will be public!) or contact us.

RULES AND WARNINGS FOR POSTING YOUR TIPS: When you post a comment, you are implicitly promising that the content is yours to submit (if it is someone else’s make sure to quote them or link to them), and you are giving us the right to use your suggestion in future maps and on this website.  If we use your content we will try to give credit, but often in our print maps there isn’t room to give thanks for each tip.

Thank you for any contributions!  Sincerely,

The RideSouthLA Team


Posted March 15, 2012 by bstokes

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