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Stephanie, Orange County

“I hadn’t been here before. The riding was great, easy paced, with plenty of time to sightseeing and people are nice and curious. I like riding in the neighborhoods and seeing people’s houses, how they live and I like seeing the culture. Here is very colorful and different. I liked seeing the Watts Towers, I didn’t know about the WLCAC, but I enjoyed everything, seeing everything.

The map should include street names, and if we are going by parks you can say there is one here, and pointing out things which could be interesting along the way. I think people generally want to know where the bathroom is, wanna know where they can get something to drink or where they can stop and rest”.


Chris, Gardena

“I hadn’t come here before. Besides some things with the cars, the route was really safe. I think I really liked the fact that, since I mostly drive a lot, I don’t really pay attention to the surrounding areas. I’m in my car and I just wanna go to some place. But on a bike you really have a feeling of the environment, what’s going around, you see people walking in the streets, they are waving at you. Getting to know the environment better was good.

A map should have where the food places are, and things that other people thought were interesting, so instead of constantly ride you can enjoy the view, enjoy the environment”.



Beverly, Central L.A.

“I had never been in this area before. And I absolutely loved the experience. Community here seems to be 10 times more involved than in Central L.A. I think the ride is easy, aside from the roads being taken care a little less, I guess, but it’s definitely very nice, it’s a good ride. The Watts Towers were the highlight of the route and this community center [Watts Labor Community Action Committee] is very lovely too. For a map, I think I should have to get more familiar with places to stop, places to eat, things to see”.


Posted March 7, 2012 by cesar